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Round nose pliers are a type of pliers designed specifically for bending and shaping wire. Whilst this may seem to be a rather niche use, the product is in fact an important tool for users ranging from electricians to jewellery makers, anglers to artisans.

Round nose pliers can be distinguished from the many other types of pliers by their jaws, which are round and taper towards the tip. This key feature enables the user to create neat, precise loops of varying diameter in sections of wire - a useful trick for jewellery makers looking to create fastenings for necklaces and bracelets, fishermen making their own lures, electricians and other tradesmen looking to create wire hooks, bends or eyes, even craftsmen producing decorative art.

There a number of round nose pliers on the market today, and they all comprise various components such as joints, springs and comfort grips; the choice of tool should be made based on the use for which it is intended - for example, an electrician would prioritise an insulated handle over other features so as to ensure safety when dealing with live wire.

Various manufacturers produce these pliers, with well-known brands such as Stanley producing general use versions alongside more superior quality professional models by the likes of Lindstrom. These and a number of other manufacturers are discussed in more depth in the sections below.

This web site contains information and advice on round nose pliers, with some useful tips on buying the product.

Features of Round Nose Pliers

The Main Manufacturing Components

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There are a variety of components that feature on round nose pliers, all of which differ depending on the manufacturer and whether or not they are designed for any specialist use. The main features that you will come across include joints, handles, springs, insulation and jaws.

The handles themselves can vary depending on their use, although many pliers do now offer non-slip and extra comfort handles. More specifically, a number of specialist pliers offer insulated handles, which are designed for use on electrical and mechanical components. These types of pliers are produced with safety in mind, and many of them are tested up to 10,000 volts (or more) which ensures they are safe for most electrical work. Even more specialist electrical pliers (such as the Knipex ESD range) will even discharge static electricity, which ensures the components you are working on are protected (particularly useful when working on endangered components).

The joints are another important component when selecting a pair of round nose pliers to use, as they affect the performance in terms of how smooth the operation is. Some of the more expensive pliers on the market specifically advertise the inclusion of quality joints (often a box joint) which will lengthen the life of a product and ensure ease of use during that time.

Another component that can affect the quality of a pair of pliers is the inclusion of a spring. Again, these will vary in terms of quality but in general terms they will assist the opening and closing of the pliers, resulting in additional comfort and ease of use. More expensive pliers may offer a double spring which can create less frictional resistance and result in a smoother opening and closing action.

The jaws themselves offer a range of possibilities as well. The most obvious feature regarding round nose pliers is that the jaws are rounded, which makes them particularly useful for creating loops in pieces of wire. Many of the higher specification pliers will be made from a specialist tool steel, making them robust and durable. In addition to this, where necessary (i.e. for use in a continuous production environment) the jaws may be oil hardened and tempered, while others advertise jaws that are carefully deburred for accuracy in use.

Manufacturers of Round Nose Pliers

Who Makes Round Nose Pliers?

There are a number of manufacturers around today who produce round nose pliers, resulting in the wide array of products currently available on the market. Many of the big distributors of hand tools produce their own brand of round nose pliers, offering an affordable option to buyers. Probably the most recognisable producer of pliers (as well as many other hand tools) is Stanley, but others include Sealey, Bahco, Knipex and finally Lindstrom.

Without trying to overly pigeonhole any of the manufacturers, Sealey tend to produce pliers and other hand tools for the budget end of the market. When it comes to buying tools, the professional tradesman will be well aware that it is worth spending some money to get a good quality product. However, many of the Sealey tools are perfect for home use, particularly for the reluctant DIY unenthusiast who needs a selection of tools under the stairs just in case.

Bahco and Stanley produce tools which cater for the mid-range of the market. These tools are generally a safe bet - offering a variety of features but at a price which is affordable.

Finally, Knipex and in particular Lindstrom offer products for professional use. These manufacturers offer a huge array of features and safety benefits, including a number of specialist round nose pliers for niche work on electrical and mechanical components. These products come at a premium price but you get premium quality and a long life in return.

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You can also pay as much or as little as you like - round nose pliers can be picked up for as little as a few pounds, with more expensive and higher quality options costing more than £40.


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